Effective negotiation and preparation of contracts in procurement and supply

Introducing participants to the latest concepts of strategic purchasing planning, developing their skills in local and international procurement, providing effective negotiation skills, developing their ability to choose the right buying method, how to complete business correspondence and contracting, and how to choose competent suppliers.

• Purchasing management concept
• Strategic planning concept, strategic importance and steps required.
• Problems facing the procurement process and the role of procurement management in characterizing quality.
• Types of purchase contracts and how to choose between them.
• Locate the purchased items in the "Supply-Positioning" hierarchy.
• Scientific and practical problems of procurement and Bareto analysis of purchased materials.
• Internal and external procurement list (importance - main sections - simplification - problems).

Local and international procurement methods
Main procurement methods to discuss the feasibility of each:

• Limited Bidding - General Tender - Practice - Direct Order - Negotiations.
• Methods and Purchase Policy: Quality - Quantity - Time - Price.
• Problems of local offers and international bids in imports.
• Local and external procurement procedures, documentary courses, suppliers' records, follow up of orders and control of appropriations

Documentary and follow-up plan of local and foreign procurement.
• Terms and concepts used in international procurement.
• International procurement procedures - Negotiation in international procurement - Payment methods in international procurement.
• International procurement services (transport - insurance - customs clearance).
• Legislation and regulations governing local and international procurement.

Dealing with suppliers
• The art of dealing with suppliers.
• How to analyze supplier costs for the right price.
• Evaluate suppliers and develop relationships with them.
• How the buyer can affect the supplier to meet your needs.
• How to choose the right supplier? The impact of choice on the success of the purchase.
• Negotiating skills with suppliers and how to develop your suppliers.
• Indicators and criteria of efficient supplier.

Purchase methods and procedures
• Procurement Planning - MRP - Study and analysis of bids.
• Determine the economic quantity of the purchase using the traditional model.
• How to determine the economic quantity when the supplier offers a discount?
• How to determine the economic quantity in the event of an expected rise in price? And the expected rise in price?
• How to determine the economic quantity in case the demand is stable? In the case of perishable items?
• Processing of urgent purchase orders: Methods of reducing urgent purchase - Reasons for urgent purchase - Elimination of urgent purchase.

Planning and organizing the work of the procurement department
• Administrative organization, procurement site and administrative divisions.
• Responsibilities of different organizational units for procurement and their relationship with other departments and related parties.
• Behavioral skills of procurement workers.
• Risk management to ensure that needs are met.
• Measuring progress in performance.
• Organizational dependency of procurement management.
• Organization of procurement management for total quality service.
• Addressing conflicts between procurement management and other departments.

- Distributed non-intensive course and comfortably and schedules evening and Meret halls.
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- Lecturers and professional trainers and experts in their specialization.
- Accredited by the Saudi Council of Engineers and the General Organization for
Technical and Vocational Training session.
- Continuous contact with the lecturer after the course and during the course.
- You can re-attend the course free of charge.
- Present in all parts of the Kingdom

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