Procurement and logistics management

There is no doubt that the seven methods of procurement and the procedures that go through the stage of bidding in the public tender and other methods of contracting to purchase movables or business contracts as well as transport contracts and receive services and technical works and consulting studies ... and management of procurement from abroad. All these include legal aspects that clearly show their value when there are differences or contradictions in the stages of the process, the subject of the contract from the stage of preparation of the specifications and the tender process and the process of public tender or limited or exercise both general and limited and other methods of contracting and then the substantive points related to The practical procedures and problems that occur in the stage of tender progress and then open the envelopes and the procedures of completion in conclusion of the completion of the contract.
For this purpose, whoever works in the field of procurement, whether internal or external, tender committees, contracting parties in all stages, legal and financial specialists in matters of tenders, tenders and contracting, shall have full knowledge of the legal aspects encountered in the performance of their work and knowledge of legal solutions to these aspects and problems in order to avoid liability.

The first unit

The legal provisions for the methods of buying the general tender:

Tender definition.
Types of tenders.
Principles of General Tender.
Procedural stages of the public tender.
The legal nature of tender.
Stage tender governance progress of legal proceedings.
Controls governing the tender model.
Legal provisions for bank guarantees associated with the tender.
Final insurance and provisions.
Procedural aspects of opening envelopes
The typical method for the operation of the envelopes opening committee.
Terms of reference of the opening committees of envelopes.
Dumping technical and financial offers.
Sort sampling procedures and legal responsibility for them.
Bid Committee.
Formation of the Committee and its working methods.
Terms of reference and powers of the decision committee.
Cancellation of tender.
The legal implications of the tender is canceled.
The second unit

The other seven methods of buying and legal provisions:

Cases purchase limited tender accidentally.
Adoption of a purchase decision whereby the authority of the owner.
Legal provisions governing tender Limited.
Ask a limited tender procurement process by way of action.
Local tender and legal concept.
Cases contracted through local tender.
Reliance for purchase in this way the authorities.
Procedural aspects and the legal provisions for local tender.
Definition of general practice.
Buying situations in this manner.
Subordination of the general practice of the principles of public tender.
Fundamental differences between the public tender and public practice.
General practice procedures.
Limited practice buying situations.
The difference between practice limited and limited tender.
Limited practice procurement procedures.
Direct purchase cases
Legal provisions for the direct purchase agreement.
Dependence of the direct purchase agreement of the authorities.
Purchase by direct agreement procedure.
Purchase by order.
Cases of procurement by commissioning orders.
Contest style as a buying method
Cases contracted the competition in ways and terms.
The third unit

Legal aspects and provisions for the implementation of external procurement:

The purchase method of external supplier or product.
The legal provisions of the purchase from abroad.
Documentary credits essential means external to buy.
Definition of L / C.
Fifteen types of documentary credit.
Letter of credit provides both sides of the safety and credit.
Importance of documentary credit.
Conditions of delivery in accordance with ICC rules.
Define the obligations of the seller and buyer in accordance with the terms of delivery.
Bank guarantees and foreign contracts
Definition of bank guarantee letter.
Conditions and procedures for issuing the letter of guarantee.
Transacting parties in the letter of guarantee.
Key Elements of the Bank Guarantee Letter
The six types of letter of guarantee.
The fourth unit

How to develop legal solutions to purchasing problems:

The requirement of financial allocations, prior consultation, and approvals such as the introduction of the procurement method.
The necessary controls in the bid requirements and specifications.
What is the ruling revenue reservations tenders?
Is it permissible to negotiate with the bidders?
What is the rule of the law and the judiciary regarding tenders that are received by facsimile?
What are the cases in which tenders may be excluded?
What the rule of law to shorten the progress dates tenders?
How to act with the tender including accepting a certain percentage for the lowest bids received.

Is it permissible for an amendment to the tender after submitting?
What is the rule of law regarding a tender that does not specify a price for one of the items?
What are the legal consequences of a business interruption due to lack of financial support?
What is the administration authorities in the face of the contracted?
How do you deal with a supplier that is late on delivery on schedule?
What is the administration's rights in the face of the contracted?
What is the difference between annulment and Alanevsakh and Altvasch in procurement contracts?
What are the legal rights of the contractor with the administrative body?
Is it permissible to award the sole bidder in the tender?
Is it permissible to buy annual procurement in a manner direct agreement?
Is it permissible to repeat the purchase by way of direct agreement for the same category more than once during the year?
What is the difference between a forced annulment and a legal dissolution of a supply contract and the legal consequences of it?
Fifth unit

Creativity and excellence in the management of purchases and bids:
Regulatory and administrative rules to ensure that the needs of the facility.
Governing controls when developing regulations for procurement.
Legal grounds to consider when preparing the budget planning for purchase.
What are the key elements to be emphasized when developing a procurement schedule.
What are the relevant departments to be reported annual procurement program?
How is the implementation of the budget and planning timetable Supplies?
22 step to implement the external procurement cycle.
Local procurement cycle and the main group.
Local procurement of supplies planned cycle.
Buying from the local market and urgent procedures for accessories.
Purchase emergency supplies by buying process location delegate.
Course buy local requirements by customers.
Purchase of a monopolist supplier bases.

  • The staff specialized in procurement departments, requirements, and logistics in ministries, institutions, bodies, companies, various departments, banks, and others.
  • The heads and members of the opening committees of the envelopes and the committees for the determination of the tenders in the aforementioned authorities.
  • Trustees of tender and auction committees.
  • Employees in Contracts Department.
  • Advisers and legal scholars and legal departments.
  • Personnel departments of sales and marketing departments.
  • Specialists in project management.
  • Employees in the Department of Warehouses and Warehouses.
  • The specialists in administrative affairs departments.
  • Chairmen and members of committees, which constitute acts of tenders and procurement.

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