Preparing and monitoring the implementation of budgets and analyzing deviations
  • Define the definition of participants in the general framework of budgets in terms of their concept, importance, economic, social, financial and supervisory dimensions and how to prepare them.
  • X to provide participants with the necessary skills to prepare budgets by determining the basis for estimating the budget elements of income and expenditure and the general rules governing the preparation and assessment, as well as acquiring the skill of budget classification in light of several bases for classification.
  • X Participation of participants in the preparation of government budgets in the light of modern methods used in developed countries.
  • Provide the participants with the skills of budget analysis using several methods and models for analysis in order to achieve control and performance evaluation.
  • X to provide participants with the skills to analyze and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of government budgets and how to achieve the goal of rationalizing public spending and achieving efficiency and effectiveness in performance while reducing the budget deficit.

Course content

the first unit:
Nature of budgets:

  • Concept of concept and importance of budgets.
  • Rules and procedures for preparing budgets.
  • Principles General principles for the preparation and use of budgets.
  • Steps of budget preparation steps.
  • Foundations of the classification of budget elements.
  • Trends Recent trends in budgeting.
  • Budget for the program budget and performance.
  • Budget budget for planning and programming.
  • Zero budget budget.

The second unit
Analysis and interpretation of government budget components:

  • Budget budget of the administrative apparatus of the State.
  • Budget of public bodies.
  • Budget of economic bodies
  • Divide the sections of government budgets.
  • Budget of the current budget.
  • Budget of investment budget.
  • Cases of different process situations on species
  • Different from government budgets.

The third unit
Nature of budget examination:

  • Concept and the nature of the exam.
  • Comparative comparison between examination and scrutiny.
  • Inspection purposes.
  • Who checks the budgets and final accounts.
  • Types of inspection.
  • Steps of verification of budgets and final accounts.
  • The most important elements of the analysis involved in the verification of balances and final accounts.
  • Cases of different process situations.

The fourth unit
The Role of Analytical Analysis and Financial Analysis in Budget Analysis:

  • Examination Analytical examination of government budgets.
  • The nature of the procedures of analytical examination of government budgets.
  • Objectives Objectives and timing of analytical testing procedures.
  • Planning planning for analytical testing procedures.
  • Extent of reliability of analytical examination procedures for government budgets.
  • Analysis Financial analysis of government budgets.
  • The concept of financial analysis and its importance.
  • Uses of financial analysis.
  • Methods of financial analysis of government budgets.
  • Cases of different process situations.

Fifth unit

  • Trends Recent Trends in Animal Analysis (Workshop)
  • Analysis of program effectiveness analysis.
  • Analysis of software efficiency analysis.
  • Analysis of economic analysis
  • Analysis of justice analysis
  • Cases of different process situations.

Unit VI

Assessment of the efficiency and effectiveness of government budgets:

  • Concept of the concept of efficiency and effectiveness of government budgets.
  • Types of efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Requirements for efficiency and effectiveness of needs assessment.
  • Steps to evaluate efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Indicators indicators to measure efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Cases of different process situations

- Distributed non-intensive course and comfortably and schedules evening and Meret halls.

- The cost of training we are the least in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- Lecturers and professional trainers and experts in their specialization.

- Accredited by the Saudi Council of Engineers and the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training session.

- Continuous contact with the lecturer after the course and during the course.

- You can re-attend the course free of charge.

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