Advanced trends for operational maintenance and technical work

In light of the rapid international changes, the globalization of the economy and the intensification of competition in the international markets, the issues of productivity and increasing their rates are receiving more attention by economists, thinkers, researchers and those concerned with development planning, as productivity is an essential indicator for assessing economic and social growth rates and improving living standards. And local, economic and international bodies are working hard to employ scientific achievements and developments and innovations in various fields to formulate and consolidate modern theories and concepts in the field of production and the development of methods of measuring the Productivity and monitoring of indicators and addressing the shortcomings and reasons for their decline, emphasizing that the concepts and indicators of productivity have become indispensable evidence for the decision-making, formulation and implementation of development plans and projects at different levels and economic and social fields, and can understand the dimensions and the role and importance of productivity in achieving the objectives of comprehensive development through the definition of definitions Concepts, parameters and productivity indicators.

Course main content:

the first unit:

The importance of planning for excellent operational maintenance and increasing productivity

  • Introduction to outstanding operational maintenance and increased production
  • How to plan production and maintenance
  • Evaluate the evaluation of the effectiveness of production and maintenance plans
  • Cases of operation cases

Module 2:

Strategic foundations for operational maintenance

  • Definition of the basics of operational maintenance
  • Planning planning and implementation of operational maintenance
  • Evaluate the evaluation of the effectiveness of operational maintenance
  • Cases of operation cases

Module 3:

Application of quality systems in outstanding operational maintenance and increased productivity

  • Application of quality specifications for production and maintenance
  • Planning and execution of operational maintenance and its importance in quality control
  • Ways to improve production processes with attention to excellent operational maintenance
  • Cases of operation cases

Module Four:

Methods of applying outstanding operational maintenance and increasing productivity

  • Plans for operational maintenance plans
  • Inventory inventory and equipment to facilitate operational maintenance
  • Methods of implementation of different maintenance
  • Planning planning and implementing various training for production and maintenance staff
  • Cases of operation cases

Fifth Unit:

Ways to continuously improve outstanding operational maintenance and increase productivity

  • Review review, measurement and analysis of operational performance and production rates
  • Analysis of maintenance and production data analysis
  • Ways of continuous improvement of production maintenance
  • Training Computer software training for operational maintenance
  • Cases of operation cases
  • Makers of management, production and warehouse departments.
  • Managers and supervisors in the production, planning and maintenance sectors.
  • Technical and engineering departments and planning and production officials.
  • All technicians, engineers and custardians warehouse.
  • All levels of technical, administrative, decision makers and business owners in the fields of production, procurement, maintenance and technical support.


  • Awareness Awareness and awareness of participants in the concepts of operational excellence for maintenance and increased production.
  • Show and show participants how to maintain operational excellence and increase production.
  • Training participants in training on how to define and define outstanding operational maintenance and increase production.
  • X will provide participants with the skills to deal with outstanding operational maintenance plans and increase production.
  • Demonstrate participants' understanding and understanding of how to pursue and implement outstanding operational maintenance and increase production.
  • Training Training and discussion through workshops on modern production planning - Practical and scientific methods for planning and implementing production - How to follow up and implement production and maintenance plans - Discuss, monitor and measure production rates and maintenance performance.
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