2016 /IFRS

- Understand the process which through it ,we can develop the international standards in order to prepare the financial reporting and know the current standards.

- Knowing the latest changes conducted to the International Financial Reporting Standards currently and measure the impact of new standards on organization

- Knowing the presentation free of errors as well as the minimum disclosures of the components of the statement of financial position, statement of comprehensive income and the statement of equity and cash flows in accordance with international standards for financial reporting.

- Assessment the correct calculation for the transactions which affecting the asset-current assets and liabilities and non-current liabilities, income and expenses in according to international standards for financial reporting.

- Expressing an opinion when applying the International Financial Reporting Standards in matters related to non-recurring commercial transactions.

1- a brief history of a genesis of international standards and the developments that have occurred.

2- A brief about the International Reporting Standards IFRS issued as at the date of December 31, 2015, AD.

3- Introduction to the most important institutions and sponsoring organizations to issue international standards.

4- Explain some of the basic concepts of the principles and assumptions required by the profession of the financial accountant.

5- Explain the important differences between international standards and US standards.

6- Explanation of the most important reasons to accept the transformation of Saudi Arabia standards to international standards.

7- The stages of transition from Saudi Arabia standards to international standards.

8- The Steps to publish international standards.

9- the style of work of the International Accounting Standards Board .

10- Explain all international standards.

  • Certificate from Technical and Vocational Training Corporation.
  • Certificate from our center. 
  • certified by Ain-Shams University.

- Account managers.

- CFOs.

- Financial observers.

- Malian President.

- CEOs. And all those involved in administrative and accounting domain.

1-General understanding of the concepts and comprehensive international standards.

2- The training of trainees to the identification of critical differences between the US standards and international standards.

3- The trainees will get the experiences of previous work and experience in the conversion between the standards.

4- Giving the trainee experiences and skills to deal professionally with international standards .

5- Rehabilitation the trainee to get the certificate of international standards of the International Institute responsible for issuing international standards .

6- keep abreast of the latest versions of the standards and the latest updates.

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