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This course provides an in-depth review of the business analysis knowledge, skills, and tasks as discussed in the PMI business analysis standard Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide. The material within this course provides a solid overview of the activities commonly performed by those fulfilling the business analysis role on programs and projects. The content of this course is fully aligned to the definition of the business analysis practice as detailed within the role delineation survey completed for PMI in 2013. The course is intended to prepare students who are interested in taking the PMI-PBA® exam.

Course Outline:

Module 1: Business Analysis Overview

  • Definition of business analysis
  • Business analysis as a core competency for project success
  • PMI’s increased focus on business analysis
  • The project manager and business analyst relationship
  • The knowledge and skills business analysts require
  • Types of requirements

Module 2: The PMI-PBA® Certification Process

  • The difference between a professional certificate and professional certification
  • The value of professional certification
  • Eligibility requirements for the PMI-PBA®
  • The PMI-PBA® application process
  • The PMI-PBA® exam process


Module 3: Needs Assessment

  • The Importance of Needs Assessment
  • Identify Problem or Opportunity
  • Analyze the Situation
  • Assess Current State
  • Recommend Action to Address Business Needs
  • Assemble the Business Case

Module 4: Business Analysis Planning

  • The Importance of Planning for Business Analysis Planning
  • Conduct a Stakeholder Analysis
  • Define the Business Analysis Process
  • Plan the Business Analysis Work
  • Create the Business Analysis Plan & Gain Approval

Module 5: Requirements Elicitation

  • The Importance of Requirements Elicitation
  • Plan for Elicitation
  • Prepare for Elicitation
  • Conduct Elicitation
  • Document Elicitation Results

Module 6: Requirements Analysis

  • The Importance of Requirements Analysis
  • Plan for Analysis
  • Model & Refine Requirements
  • Document Solution Requirements
  • Validate/Verify/Approve Requirements

Module 7: Traceability and Monitoring

  • The Importance of Traceability & Monitoring
  • Approving Requirements
  • Baselining Requirements
  • Monitoring Requirements
  • Managing Requirements Changes

Module 8: Solution Evaluation

  • The Importance of Solution Evaluation
  • Plan for Solution Evaluation
  • Validate the Solution
  • Evaluate Acceptance Criteria
  • Facilitate Go/No Go Decision
  • Obtain Signoff on the Solution
  • Evaluate Long Term Performance

Module 9: Studying Techniques

  • Studying Techniques
  • Technique Definitions
  • Technique Categories
  • Estimating time for Studying Techniques
  • Module 10: Preparing for the Exam
  • Developing a Study Plan
  • Preparing for the Exam
  • Reference Materials
  • Wrap-up

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1ـCertificate from our center.
2ـCertified by PMI.
3ـCertified certificate from the General Organization for Vocational and Technical Training.
ـ(Some certificates are subject to special conditions)


Target Audience:

  • Practitioners who have been performing business analysis for at least three years
  • Certification prospects who are planning to take the PMI-PBA® exam in the next 3-6 months
  • Students who desire to learn more about the PMI-PBA® certification exam and process
  • Any Certified Business Analyst Professional (CBAP®) considering obtaining a BA certification from PMI
  • Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: 
  • Identify the business analysis tasks discussed in Business Analysis for Practitioners: A Practice Guide 
  •  State the importance of the five business analysis domains covered by the PMI-PBA® 
  •   Assess readiness for taking the PMI-PBA®    Prepare effectively for the exam  
  •  Identify other sources to assist in preparing for the PMI-PBA® 
  •  Complete the application process 


  • - Comfortably Distribution of courses, evening course time, and comfortable halls
  • Our price is the lowest in the Kingdom.
  • - Lecturers and trainers are professional and experts in their field.
  • - Continuous contact with the lecturer after and during the course.
  • - You can re-attend the course free.
  • - Present throughout the Kingdom.

Before taking this course, students should fulfill the Project Management Institute (PMI®) requirements for business analysis and general project experience. We recommend students read about these requirements in the PMI-PBA® Handbook. 
•    This course provides 28 of the required 25 contact hours needed to fulfill the PMI business analysis training requirements. We offer many other PM and BA courses that earn PMI PDUs to meet the full 25 hour requirement. 
•    A separate application to take the PMI-PBA® examination is required. We recommend that participants begin their PMI-PBA® application before taking this course, although it is not necessary. 
•    We recommend students read the PMI-PBA® Handbook and PMI-PBA® Examination Content Outline prior to the course. 
For maximum preparation value, students should be prepared to take the PMI-PBA®exam within 3 months of completing the prep course. 

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