Practical application workshop on the PMP course

The practical approach to professional project management is undoubtedly the fastest route to a clear, clear and rapid understanding of all PMP processes, models and templates. Hence, the idea of ​​this workshop is that most of the flashbacks and books are based on theoretical narratives without addressing the actual practice of project management. This professional training program is designed to cover a package of important and essential skills for the professional project manager as well as all his employees.
In addition, the focus will be on testing through intensive training on a range of selected questions
Also training on a large selection of questions about the PMP test
With knowledge of the most important points of the PMP approach


 Topics of the training program:
1- Define tools,
techniquesand differences between them.
2. Templates and models as tools to facilitate the administrative work of the project.
3. How to design your template or template.
4 - Microsoft package (PowerPoint - Word - Axel -
Fezio) and how to use in5 - Practical application of the entire project of the feasibility study through the construction of the start document and then the project implementation
the activation of tools and templates simple and professional.
planandthen implementation and control and control and ending with the closure.
6. Build your own team, distribute roles and responsibilities, and build workflows within Project Work Flow.
7. Design thinking technology, and how it is used to design management processes and collective thinking.
8 The final part of the workshop is PMP to identify the most important points of the curriculum. PMP Test training by solving a wide range of selected questions How to prepare an effective plan to pass the test in less than two months


1- A certificate approved by the Center to complete this training program.

Project Managers - Project Management Practitioners - Project Management Office Managers - and anyone interested in knowing the practical application of project management

3 - Trainee received a selection of models and
2. Acquire personal competitive advantages that distinguish you as a project management practitioner in parallel with the theoretical understanding
1 - Acquire a package of important skills and basic practical operation of project management
Benefits and benefits of the program:
templatesprofessional to enable him to manage any project, whatever size, simply and easily.
4 - The trainee obtained a book with a practical case for the implementation of the PMP on a real project full.
5 - Get the trainee of a package of PowerPoint files and advanced Excel and the monthly performance reports of a group of international companies.


1 - scientific material original smooth and coffee and easy.
2- Offers a stylish and easy-to-carry interface.
3 - practical application through workshops applied during the training process.
4- The daily solution for a selected group of questions that carry the ideas and form of the real exam.
5 - How to tickets effectively and intelligently from receiving the lecture until entering and passing the test, God willing.
6 - More than 6000 questions and their typical answers (Premium from most of the world famous sites).
7 - Group Watts Ab to follow up and participate and review until the entry of the test, God willing
8 - Flexible evening appointments with compensation for those who miss working or other conditions.
9 - days of the course 3 days and uncompressed, allowing for discussions and the information and a smooth and comfortable rate of understanding and good absorption.
10 Professional Coach
Practical application
12 hotel rooms
13 snacks cold and hot drinks
14 limited number of trainees and attend in a timely manner and sophisticated and professional handling with customers
15 certified certificates

3 days training evening

No upcoming courses are scheduled
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