Planning, follow-up, leadership and developing an innovative work environment

When we talk about creativity, we are talking about a market side in the society based on its connection to art in the past and the genius of another time, and it is linked to an aspect that is unclear and vague to people. But creativity is part of the success and work of every human being and a daily endeavor for everyone who thinks success and development is a new aspect in Our culture has to stand a lot ...

In this program and workshops, we will discuss the important concept of how to create an innovative creative environment in institutions and organizations, which is critical to the success of institutions in terms of the ability of their cadres to absorb the internal and external environment and their ability to reach strategic or general solutions or trends that can face changes and challenges dynamically Enhancing the success of the institution and this requires an environment of openness and dialogue, and the ability to motivate cadres after selecting them appropriately and develop them with experience and continuing education on the other hand and create an incentive for success and self-realization in those cadres and stimulate creative energies through training And instilling self-confidence in the elements of work and development with the continuous stimulation of knowledge and experience.

Important topics in the field of planning, innovation and contemporary creativity
▪ Philosophy of planning, innovation and creativity
▪ Innovation and creativity
▪ Creative thinking
• How to create an innovative creative mindset
▪ Innovation, creativity and self-realization
▪ Innovative and creative culture in organizations
▪ Innovative and creative system in organizations
▪ The relationship between innovation, creativity and personality
▪ Meaning and definition of personality
▪ Creating an innovative and creative environment

Important points of innovation and creativity from the point of view of human resources
▪ Factors that generate the need for innovation
▪ Quality (quality) of working life
▪ Recent developments in Japanese management
▪ Problems of business schools in the US administration
▪ Characteristics and characteristics of distinct organizations
▪ Key points in human resources concepts.
Leadership and its role in planning, innovation and creativity
Leadership and its importance
Nature of leadership
Factors that influence the choice of driving style
Tools and means of leadership influence
▪ The legitimate requirement
▪ Benefit compliance
▪ Obeying oppression
▪ Persuasive persuasion
▪ Experience-based influence
▪ Inspiration and enthusiasm
▪ Development and change of values and beliefs
▪ Develop the information leader
▪ Development of environmental conditions
▪ Personal admiration and affiliation
▪ Participation in the resolution

Rehabilitation and development of individuals innovation and creativity
▪ The nature and importance of personal influence
▪ Characteristics of innovative administrators
▪ Develop individual creative capabilities
▪ Model of connecting individuals to organizational processes
▪ Individual innovation and creativity model in the regulatory environment
▪ Develop the skills of innovation and creativity
Training in creative solutions and mental cooperation
Innovative creative approaches to problem solving
▪ Innovative creative approaches
▪ Creative entry levels to solve problems
▪ Comparison of training between creative entry levels
Training in creative solutions to problems
▪ Mental cooperation
▪ The steps of the process of intellectual cooperation are important points of innovation and creativity from a marketing point of view
▪ Innovation and creativity in contemporary marketing language
▪ The importance of commodity innovations for marketing
▪ Regulation of commodity innovations
▪ Innovative marketing
▪ Marketing information as a key to innovation
▪ Marketing considerations for innovation
▪ Growth strategies in new markets
▪ Diversification
▪ Strategic Associations

The role of research and knowledge centers in innovation and creativity
Innovation Management System in Research Centers
▪ The innovative environment
▪ Synthesis of inventions
▪ Strategic exploitation of innovations
▪ Cooperation between the industry and the university as an industrial strategy
▪ Assistance to innovations
▪ Protection of innovations
Working teams and their role in the process of innovation and creativity
▪ Identification of the team
▪ Organizing teams
▪ Role of teams
▪ Innovative teams
▪ Effective ideas
▪ The impact of quality departments on innovation and creativity
▪ Self-managed teams
Creative Thinking (Brainstorming)
▪ Defining creative thinking
▪ Generation of ideas
▪ Examining ideas
▪ Advanced technologies for creative thinking
▪ Practical steps for creative thinking
▪ Rules that help in the process of thinking
▪ Creative thinking methods
▪ Developing creative thinking
▪ Creative Thinking and Vertical Thinking
Innovation and creativity in the concepts of total quality
▪ Creativity in the concepts of total quality
▪ Innovative creative behavior and creativity
• Intelligence and creativity
▪ The aspects of creative thinking in the concepts of total quality
▪ Steps of creative thinking according to Retiz
▪ Regulatory barriers to innovation and innovation

- Distributed non-intensive course and comfortably and schedules evening and Meret halls.

- The cost of training we are the least in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

- Lecturers and professional trainers and experts in their specialization.

- Accredited by the Saudi Council of Engineers and the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training session.

- Continuous contact with the lecturer after the course and during the course.

- You can re-attend the course free of charge.

- Present in all parts of the Kingdom.

35 training hours

No upcoming courses are scheduled
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