• About Course

    - The training course comprehensive overview of the two main contracts, and also provides a comfortable learning process, avoiding travel costs and lengthy absences from the workplace.

    - The programme is based on live lectures in combination with case work which is directly related to the lectures. Participants work on real life cases and practice the application of various contract conditions.

    - The case work is run on a chat type platform by presenting and discussing case inputs in writing. Presentations, assessments and discussion of replies take place in Podio, an on-line classroom setting.

    - See more at: FIDIC online

  • Course Topics

    - Understanding the Contract Management Process.

    - Teamwork — Roles and Responsibilities.

    - Concepts and Principles of Contract Law.

    - Contracting Methods.

    - Developing Contract Pricing Agreements.

    - Pre-award Phase.

    - Award Phase.

    - Contract Administration.

    - Contract Administration: A Proactive Process.

    - Contract Administration: Planning

    - Who Does What, Where, and When.

    - Dispute Avoidance and Resolution .

    - Changes Management

    – Risk vs. Opportunity.

    - Contract Closeout – Final Actions .

    - Contract Formation.
    - Contract Administration – Real-Life Challenges.

    - Contract Closeout. - Lessons Learned and Best Practices Summary.

    - Variations and Adjustments.

    - Variations and Adjustments.

    - Termination by Employer.

    - Suspension and Termination by Contractor. Risk and Responsibility.

    - Insurance and Force Majeure.

    - Claims, Disputes and Arbitration.

  • Certificates And Accreditation

    Certificate approved by the General Organization for Vocational and Technical Training
    - Approved and Certified by us.


  • Targeted Users

    • business owners. 
    • companies, accountants, lawyer.
    • sales mangers .
    •  all fields related with financial stuff.

  • Course Benefits

    - The company that owns the largest number of Experts on FIDIC contracts means it's Capable of driving the implementation of the smallest projects.

    -The efficiency of the best performance of the fastest joined.

    - Employees who generally succeed in their missions successfully and the Guardian.

    - Our price is the least.

    - Available in all over the kingdom.

  • Course Values

    - The lowest price in Kingdome KSA.

    - you can contact with coaches during and after finishing course.

    - our lecturers are professionals.

  • Agenda and Course Duration

    • 25 hours.

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