• About Course

    Provide trainees with an idea about the information systems and stages of development and design according to the relational model.
    • Developing participants' skills in understanding MS-ACCESS and developing practical skills in database development.
    • Empower trainees to handle MS-ACCESS database management tools and provide them with practical skills in database development.

  • Course Topics

    • The concept of information technology
    • Achieve the competitive advantage of IT.
    • Pursuing change in technology systems.
    • Look at the appropriate IT for your organization.
    • Preparing IT staff.
    • Information systems
    Physical components.
    Program Components
    Organization of data.
    Management software package.
    Human Resource Software Package.
    • Strategy for preparing training plans
    • Training Information System: Contents, design and specifications
    • Methods of performing work in training departments and linking them to ICTs
    • Measuring the productivity of training using information technology
    • Training institutions' databases and methods of construction
    • Training course databases
    • The basics of information systems and their role in developing the training process
    • Data collection, analysis and modeling
    • Create database and create tables
    Validation of data verification
    • Query data in one table and in more than one table
    • Perform calculations in the MS-ACCESS program
    • Use data protection tools and their integration
    • Data Retrieval
    • Create forms and reports
    • Work with MS-Office Toolbox
    • The basics of information systems and their role in the development of the administrative process

  • Certificates And Accreditation

  • Targeted Users

    • Directors of career development departments, manpower planning, personnel affairs, managers, heads of training and human resources development departments, and candidates for these positions.

  • Course Benefits

  • Course Values

    - Distributed non-intensive course and comfortably and schedules evening and Meret halls.
    - The cost of training we are the least in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
    - Lecturers and professional trainers and experts in their specialization.
    - Accredited by the Saudi Council of Engineers and the General Organization for
    Technical and Vocational Training session.
    - Continuous contact with the lecturer after the course and during the course.
    - You can re-attend the course free of charge.
    - Present in all parts of the Kingdom.

  • Agenda and Course Duration

    35 training hours

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