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    Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Professional

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    Attain Excellence with the FP&A

    Why be an FP&A?

    If you are looking to make your mark in financial planning or enjoy greater career prospects, then the FP&A is definitely for you.

    What every business wants

    Here’s why FP&A has taken its place as a must-have professional credential

    • The only qualification in financial planning in Saudi Arabia and globally
    • Administered by international organization AFP
    • Critical to corporate financial success
    • A key driver of business decisions
    • Integral to increase revenue growth
    • Benchmarks professional standards
    • Acts as a talent marker

  • Course Topics

    What do I learn?

    An FP&A gives you the skills to provide crucial insight into the financial decision-making process, communicating with and supporting decision-makers and stakeholders to drive a business to more growth.

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    FP&A Topic Guide

    Part I: Financial Acumen - Gathering, Interpreting, Understanding, and Communicating Business and Financial Information

    Domain A:

    • Gathering and Interpreting Information

    Domain B:

    • Understanding Financial Concepts and Communicating / Coordinating Work with Other Professionals

    Part II. Financial Analysis - Building and Interpreting Financial Projections

    Domain A:

    • Analyzing Information

    Domain B:

    • Building Financial Projections

    Domain C:

    • Using Technology/Software

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  • Course Values

    - Distributed non-intensive course and comfortably and schedules evening and Meret halls.

    - The cost of training we are the least in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    - Lecturers and professional trainers and experts in their specialization.

    - Accredited by the Saudi Council of Engineers and the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training session.

    - Continuous contact with the lecturer after the course and during the course.

    - You can re-attend the course free of charge.

    - Present in all parts of the Kingdom.

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