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    Becoming a CFA® charterholder is the right career choice if you are:

    • Working in FinanceBuild on your experience while enhancing your professional standing and prospects.

  • Course Topics

    •    Looking to Switch CareersMake a move into finance in a cost-effective way while acquiring in-demand skills.

    •    A StudentDemonstrate that you have the commitment and high level ability to succeed in finance.
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    •    Leading Global RecognitionThe CFA® charter is the most recognized investment credential in the world with five decades of respected history.

    •    Benchmark for RecruitmentEmployers in Saudi Arabia regard the CFA® charter as a desirable and increasingly essential credential.

    •    Graduate Level CurriculumThe program provides a solid grounding in investment analysis and portfolio management skills.

    •    Equipped for Analysis and Decision-MakingThe CFA® charter equips its holders with the most required skills in the fast-evolving global financial industry.

    •    Proven financial acumenSuccessful candidates demonstrate mastery of in-demand know-how.
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    The CFA® Program prepares you for a for a three-part exam designed to demonstrate your full investment decision-making abilities.
    •    Level IBasic knowledge as well as comprehension of asset evaluation with some analysis.
    •    Level IIGreater analysis and application of asset evaluation.
    •    Level IIIEffective portfolio management via evaluation tools and analytically methods.
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    The CFA® Program Topic Guide
    Level I CFA® exam:Tools
    •    Tools and concepts that apply to investment valuation and portfolio management

    •    Basic concepts regarding asset classes, securities and markets

    •    CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
    Level II CFA® exam: 
    Asset Valuation
    •    Application of tools and concepts of investment valuation

    •    Industry and company analysis

    •    Analysis of investment vehicles and instruments

    •    CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
    Level III CFA® exam: 
    Portfolio Management
    •    Management of institutional and individual portfolios

    •    Management of specific asset class portfolios

    •    CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
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    - Distributed non-intensive course and comfortably and schedules evening and Meret halls.

    - The cost of training we are the least in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    - Lecturers and professional trainers and experts in their specialization.

    - Accredited by the Saudi Council of Engineers and the General Organization for Technical and Vocational Training session.

    - Continuous contact with the lecturer after the course and during the course.

    - You can re-attend the course free of charge.

    - Present in all parts of the Kingdom.

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