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    The FFAC workshop helps you get acquainted with basic accounting and finance skills and knowledge. The workshop also focuses on essential concepts, therefore whether you are a student, employee and or executive from non-accounting and finance backgrounds, this workshop will have you better equipped to make informed business and management decisions.

  • Course Topics

    The FFAC™ workshop covers the following 11 modules:
    •    Introduction to Financial Accounting
    •    Fundamentals of Financial Accounting
    •    Period End Accounting Activities
    •    Financial Statements: An Introduction
    •    Balance Sheet Components
    •    Income statement components
    •    Statement of Cash Flows Components
    •    Other financial statement information
    •    Annual report
    •    Internal controls over financial reporting

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  • Course Benefits

    What’s in it for you?
    Here’s what you’ll take away from the FFAC workshop:
    •    Acquire solid knowledge of accounting, finance & related fields
    •    Understand and work across the entire range of accounting statements
    •    Develop skills in decision-making, planning and control functions
    •    Manage, drive and stay on top your company’s professional environment
    There’s only four simple steps earning your FFAC™

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