• About Course

    Program Goals:

    Demonstration Demonstration and definition of participants with the importance of maintenance planning.

    • Demonstrate the presentation and definition of participants with the concepts of planning, scheduling, implementation and follow-up.
    • Identify the application of modern administrative systems in maintenance.
    • X provide the necessary skills in maintenance management and performance development.
    • Training Training and discussion through workshops on the following topics:
    • Types of comprehensive maintenance and how to plan
    • Specify the requirements for performing maintenance operations.
    • Role of maintenance staff in supporting and training operators
    • How to improve maintenance performance

  • Course Topics

    The contents of the program:

    the first unit:

    • Maintenance concepts and definition of planning processes
    • Definition of the concepts of maintenance and planning
    • The role of the maintenance and maintenance role in the operations and performance of the organization
    • Stages of development and maintenance
    • Strategies for maintenance strategies and different types of maintenance

    Module 2:


    • Planning and scheduling maintenance work
    • Concept The basic concept of maintenance planning
    • Grandpa scheduled maintenance schedule
    • Review review and improvement of planned maintenance activities
    • Maintenance Predictive maintenance and how to apply them in maintenance projects
    • Cases of operation cases

    Module 3:

    • Implementation and follow-up maintenance work
    • Ways of carrying out maintenance work
    • Monitoring and evaluation of maintenance work
    • Censorship Control of maintenance orders and orders
    • Inventory of spare parts and maintenance materials
    • Supervision Supervision of the documentation course for maintenance operations
    • Cases of operation cases

    Module Four:

    • Modern methods for measuring the performance of maintenance operations
    • S bases and programs to evaluate the performance of maintenance and maintenance department
    • Evaluate performance evaluation of maintenance operations and performance standards
    • Measure the measurement of improvement rates of maintenance performance
    • How to review and evaluate maintenance performance.
    • Cases of operation cases

    Fifth Unit:

    • Maintenance and its impact on safety, health and environment
    • The maintenance relationship is related to occupational safety and health
    • Maintenance maintenance and its impact on the preservation of the environment
    • Training staff training on the use of safety tools at work
    • Arrange order, clean up and arrange maintenance work environment
    • Cases of operation cases

  • Certificates And Accreditation

  • Targeted Users

    The course is directed to:

    • Makers of management, production and warehouse departments.
    • Managers and supervisors in the production, planning and maintenance sectors.
    • Technical and engineering departments and planning and production officials.
    • All technicians, engineers and custardians warehouse.
    • All levels of technical, administrative, decision makers and business owners in the fields of production, procurement, maintenance and technical support.

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