• About Course

    This program aims to provide participants with the knowledge and skills that will
    allow them to establish a safety management systems and allow them to monitor
    and evaluate and improve the performance of occupational health and safety
    system, which leading to the reduction and minimize loss injuries.

  • Course Topics

    The objective of course will be as following:

    First Day:

    - Rules and regulation of occupational health and safety.

    - Explain the moral, social and economic reasons for maintaining and promoting

    good standards of health and safety in the workplace.

    - Key elements of a health and safety management system.

    - The purpose and importance of setting policy for health and safety.

    - The key features and appropriate content of an effective health and safety policy.

    Second Day:

    - Risk assessment

    - Job Hazard Analysis

    - Accident investigation

    Third Day:

    - Emergency plan and crisis management.

    - The organizational structure of emergency management.

    - Fire safety, means of escape and fire protection.

    Forth Day:

    - Excavation (Risk and Control Measures).

    - Work at height (Risk and Control Measures).

    - Confined space (Risk and Control Measures).

    - Electrical (Risk and Control Measures).

    Fifth Day:

    - Materials safety data sheet

    - Materials handling and rigging operation

    - Lock out and tag out

    - Signs and notes

    - Personal protective equipement

    - Examination

  • Certificates And Accreditation

    - A certificate of attendance from proofing engineers.
    - Certificate approved by International Association For Health Occupational Safety
    & The Environment. (USA)
    - Certificate approved by Academy of Leeds. (UK)

  • Targeted Users

    Designed for anyone with a responsibility to conduct risk assessments, such as:
    - Safety team leaders, safety supervisors, safety site managers
    - Health and safety experts in companies
    - Who are interested in the professionalism of any of the functions of occupational
    health and safety according to international standards and specifications

  • Course Benefits

  • Course Values

  • Agenda and Course Duration

    The course contents are covered over a period of 5 full days at the end if which the
    participants are assessed through a self-evaluation and a written assignment.

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