• About Course

    A properly implemented program of Risk Assessments can assist in the prevention
    of injuries, fatalities, property damage incidents & other losses. This not only helps
    to prevent human loss and suffering, but also assists the effective management &
    finance of any business or organization.

  • Course Topics

    The objective of course will be as following:
    -Assessing Risks
    -What is risk?
    -What is a risk assessment?
    -How are risk assessment carried out?
    - Controlling risks (Second Day) 3 Hours
    - How do you refuse risk?
    - How do you decide which risk control to use
    - Workshop and Examination

  • Certificates And Accreditation

    - A certificate of attendance from proofing engineers.
    - Certificate approved by International Association For Health Occupational Safety
    & The Environment. (USA)
    - Certificate approved by Academy of leeds. (UK)

  • Targeted Users

    Designed for anyone with a responsibility to conduct risk assessments, such as:
    - Team leaders, supervisors, site managers and managers
    - Quality controllers

    - Technicians
    - Engineers
    - Health and safety specialists
    - Personnel contributing to the risk assessment process

  • Course Benefits

    - General Introduction to accidents & ill health & benefits of good h&s
    management system
    - Principles of Risk Assessment
    - Legislation requirements with respect to risk assessment
    - Risk Assessment in Practice to apply the theoretical knowledge to practical
    examples or workplaces and activities

  • Course Values

  • Agenda and Course Duration

    The course contents are covered over a period of 3 full days at the end if which the
    participants are assessed through a self-evaluation and a written assignment.

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