• About Course

    - Interconnected supply chains.

    - (customer and shareholder expectations, evolving technology and regulatory compliance) all need to be managed to achieve the best outcomes.

    - This makes risk management planning, implementation and communication increasingly necessary skills for all organisations.

  • Course Topics

    - Introduction to Risk Management.

    - Identify risks.

    - Perform a quantitative risk analysis.

    - Risk monitoring and control.

    - Risk Management Planning.

    - Make a qualitative analysis of risk.

    - The plan risk face.

  • Certificates And Accreditation

    - Approved and Certified by us.


  • Targeted Users

    - If you have advanced knowledge and experience in risk management.

    -  if you are a project manager focused on project risk management, including for large projects and/or complex environments, then the PMI-RMP® is an excellent choice for you.

  • Course Benefits

    - Recognising this, many companies now have dedicated risk management functions.

    - RMP training is the ideal way to keep them up to date with all aspects of risk management practice.

    - For organisations without separate risk functions, our courses provide a cost effective way to learn practical risk management tools and techniques which delegates can use as soon as they get back to their workplace.

  • Course Values

    - comfortably Distribution of courses, evening course time, and comfortable halls
    Our price is the lowest in the Kingdom.
    - Lecturers and trainers are professional and experts in their field.
    - Continuous contact with the lecturer after and during the course.
    - You can re-attend the course free.
    - Present throughout the Kingdom.

  • Agenda and Course Duration

    • 20 hours.
    • 4 days.

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