• About Course

    Human Resources Diploma allows you to acquire scientific and academic experiences that qualify you to work in human resources management successfully. As well as refine your skills and experiences as an employee in the Human Resources and Personnel Management to provide you with the specialized expertise that you needed to succeed .

  • Course Topics

    Cover the 6 aspect of HR Management as following : Administration and policies Work force planning Training and development Organizational development Compensation & benefit Labor Law

  • Certificates And Accreditation

  • Targeted Users

    University students who are looking to join HR Departments New graduates Entry level HR Persons HR Managers HR Directors Senior level positions with non HRM background

  • Course Benefits

    - Evening appointments. - lecture Place neatly organized in a professional way. - Certificate approved by the center - Certificate from the British University of Nottingham approved and documented. - Explanations in English and Arabic.

  • Course Values

  • Agenda and Course Duration

    90 Hours

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