• About Course

    If you have an immediate need for using English in your work:

    • This Diploma will help you communicate successfully either internationally ,company to company or within multinational companies.
    • The diploma will help you gain the necessary confidence and skills to use for business life purposes.
    • You will be practicing the language of business through enhancing the skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in addition to business grammar and vocabulary commonly used in the workplace.

  • Course Topics

    • Listening skills.
    •  Speaking Skills .
    • Reading Skills .
    • Writing Skills .
    • Grammar and vocabulary for Business .
    • environments Networking & Socializing with others.
    • Presentations skills.
    • Effective Meeting Skills.
    •  Emailing etiquette.

  • Certificates And Accreditation

    - certificate from our center.

    - certificate from PMI.


  • Targeted Users

    • Executives.
    • Business people.
    • Managers.
    • Supervisors.
    • Other Careers.
    • For Both Males and Females.

  • Course Benefits

    1. Not only does the credential itself carry prestige, but the skills and knowledge that you develop as you work towards attaining it will help you consistently deliver superior performance.
    2. you’ll position yourself for the best and most lucrative job opportunities.


  • Course Values

    1. - comfortably Distribution of courses, evening course time, and comfortable halls
    2. - Our training cost is the lowest in KSA.
    3. - Lecturers and trainers are professional and experts in their field.
    4. - Continuous contact with the lecturer after and during the course.
    5. - You can re-attend the course free.
    6. - Present throughout the Kingdom.

  • Agenda and Course Duration

    40 hours

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