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    1. Introduction to SAP2000 and other Structural Analysis Softwares 2. Introduction to Modeling in SAP2000 3. 1D Modeling and Introduction to Sectional Properties of Frame Elements 4. 2D Modeling of Concrete Frames and Steel Trusses 5. 2D Modeling of Area objects (Meshing Tools and Techniques) 6. Introduction to Area elements and Types 7. Introduction to Types of Stresses in SAP2000 8. 3D Modeling of Concrete and Steel Structures 9. Introduction to Load Patterns 10. Analysis and Design of Multistorey building 11. Analysis of Soil or Water Retaining Structure(Retaining Wall) 12. Analysis of Overhead Water Tank 13. Moving Load Analysis(Vehicular Loads) 14. Time History and Response Spectrum Analysis 15. Exporting and importing data 16. Generating Tables and reports 17. Structural Drafting of Footing, Plinth Beam, Column, Roof Beam and Slab 18. Analysis of Footing in SAP2000 and SAFE 19. Structural Drafting

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