• About Course

    Wealth management is the fastest growing area of ​​financial services activity and hence the importance of the International Certificate in Wealth Management and Investment (ICWIM) in improving and enabling financial advice to high net worth clients at their request.
    Ensuring international certification will enable wealth managers and wealth management consultants to understand the nature of financial markets and international regulations and laws, as well as understand the categories of financial assets available in the markets and related risk types, analysis and management of investment, financial crimes, corporate governance, financial planning, savings and insurance. The certificate is able to advise financial advice and find appropriate solutions to meet the needs of their clients in the areas of investment, retirement, protection, inheritance planning and tax planning.


  • Course Topics

    1) Financial services sector
    2) Regulations and bodies regulating the financial services sector
    3) Financial asset classes
    4) Collective investments
    5) Credit relations
    6) Investment analysis
    7) Investment Management
    8) Financial planning for life

  • Certificates And Accreditation

     100 Question Duration 2 hours
     Multiple choice questions
     Degree of pass 70%
     Test Language (Arabic - English)
     Place of test Amdist - Riyadh - Embassy district - Al Kindi Plaza - First floor
     Registration fee (32) pounds and test fee (306) pounds equivalent to 1800 SR
     Certificate issued by the Institute of Securities and Investment - UK

  • Targeted Users

      Malians and executives of life insurance companies
      Malians and executives of banks and financial companies
      Financial planning officials
      External and internal auditors
      Auditors in the audit and financial business sector
      Investment and credit analysts and financial analysts
      Business Owners
      New Graduates (Economics / Accounting / Management)


  • Course Benefits

    Hotel rooms
    Evening training
    Original scientific material smooth, coffee and easy.
    Borbionet offers neat and easy delivery.
    Practical application through practical workshops during the training process.
    The daily solution to a selection of questions that carry the ideas and form of the real exam.
    How to get tickets effectively and smartly from receiving the lecture to entering and passing the test, God willing.

    Bank questions more than 200 questions
    Scientific bag (leather case by hard coupe of the materiel and copy of question bank)
    Teplit is equipped with the International Institute of Certified Securities (ICWIM)
    Daily discussions, tests and practical case
    Explanation is provided in Arabic


  • Course Values

  • Agenda and Course Duration

     (5) training days (4) hours per day

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