• About Course

    The aim of this unit is to critique the skills, value and contribution of human resource management and development practitioners, and leaders for the effective operation of organisations

    The unit requires learners to be aware of contemporary research, debate and thinking on HR and leadership.

  • Course Topics

    Will be recognized during the first lecture


  • Certificates And Accreditation

    Qualifi are regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and

    Examinations Regulator) to award the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic

    Management and Leadership in England and Wales.

  • Targeted Users

    designed to be accessible to all

    Motivated learners  if you have a Level 6 qualification or a university degree and

    All candidates interested to lead MBA


  • Course Benefits

    Review and critically evaluate contemporary research and debate in human resource management and development

    Critically evaluate theory and practice relating to motivation, commitment and employee engagement within organisations

    Critically assess the role and characteristics of effective leadership, and their development

    Critically discuss the role and practices of HR manag

  • Course Values

    Learners will gain insight into HR and leadership practices and techniques and examine relevant theory. The need for expertise and professionalism amongst HR practitioners and how ethics and culture in organisations might be affected is also considered.


  • Agenda and Course Duration

    15 credit hours- 4 class per month -5 hours per day in weekend

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