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    Definition of team building process as a mixture of feedback and the entrance to the procedural consultancy, which aims to improve the effectiveness of the work group productive and behavioral By focusing on the methods and procedures of work and personal relationships, also known as a series of activities designed in order to improve the performance of individuals.

  • Course Topics

    First day: the concept of teams.
    Second day: a systematic team building.
    Third day: the impact of leadership in building teams.
    Fourth day: the roles of team members.
    Fifth day: Applied tools to manage work teams.

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  • Course Values

    1- To familiarize concept of the team and the necessary of administrative concepts and terminology in field of administrative leadership for teams. 2. Definition of dynamics of groups and life cycle of team and groups. 3. familiarize with strategies work management teams. 4. familiarize administrative tools that contribute to the success of team. 5. Support participants with exercise administrative tools used in work to acquire the necessary administrative leadership team work skills.

  • Agenda and Course Duration

    Five Days

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