• About Course

    This unit is aimed at developing learners’ critical analysis of corporate strategy and the role of supply chains in a global context. It explores how functional strategies are integrated and the relationship between strategy and organisation

  • Course Topics

    Presented in the course

  • Certificates And Accreditation

                  Qualifi are regulated by Ofqual (Office of the Qualifications and

    Examinations Regulator) to award the Level 7 Diploma in Strategic

    Management and Leadership in England and Wales.

  • Targeted Users

    designed to be accessible to all

    Motivated learners  if you have a Level 6 qualification or a university degree and

    All candidates interested to lead MBA

  • Course Benefits

    Upon successful completion of the Level 7 Diploma, you will:

     Be able to understand the relationship between the marketing plan and strategic objectives

    Be able to produce a strategic marketing plan

    Be able to promote the marketing plan in support of strategic objectives

  • Course Values

    It also requires learners to demonstrate professional skills that enable effective business management at the strategic level.

    The unit will examine theoretical and conceptual frameworks and their use in evaluating and recommending practical applications in business areas such as market entry, internationalisation, global sourcing, globalisation, alliances and corporate growth.

  • Agenda and Course Duration

    25 credit hours- 4 class per month -6 hours per day in weekend

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