• About Course

    The CMA® (Certified Management Accountant) is an advanced professional qualification from the Institute of Management Accountants (USA), specifically designed to measure the accounting and financial management skills that drive business performance. Achieving CMA status demonstrates your mastery of financial planning, analysis, control, and the ability to support business decisions, as well as professional ethics.

  • Course Topics

    Part 1 :

    Financial Planning, Performance and Control (Levels A, B, and C) Planning.

    Budgeting and Forecasting, Performance Management , Cost Management , Internal Controls, Professional Ethics.

    Part 2 :

    Financial Decision-Making (Levels A, B, and C) Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Finance , Decision Analysis and Risk Management, Investment Decisions, Professional Ethics.

  • Certificates And Accreditation

    • Course content and lecturer is accredited by the Institute of Administrative Computing (IMA)
    •   Certified certificate from our center.
    • Certified certificate from the General Organization for Training
    •   (Some certificates are subject to special conditions)


  • Targeted Users

    • accounts management.
    •  financial management.
    • financial supervisors.
    •  financial boss .
    •  every one has relation with the management.

  • Course Benefits

    Candidates for the CMA qualification are assumed to have knowledge of the preparation of financial statements, business economics, time-value of money concepts, statistics and probability

  • Course Values

    Leading employers seek to hire and promote CMAs. Companies such as 3M, Alcoa, AT&T, Bank of America, Boeing, Cargill, Caterpillar, ConAgra, Hewlett-Packard, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, KeyCorp, Whirlpool, Saudi Aramco, Verizon and Xerox have CMAs in key management roles. CMAs earn higher compensation than non certified professionals.

  • Agenda and Course Duration

    52 hours total of 4 hours per day plus more 8 hours for solving exams and questions for certoficate exam

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